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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Morning silly

The day began quite lovely; bright, sunny, my daughter ready to go to school on time. Her bus goes by our house and picks her up on the return. So we have about 3-4 minutes before she goes out the door. She put on her coat- only 34 degrees this morning- and backpack then gave kisses. She goes left out the door, down the sidewalk and up the driveway. She should then walk in front of the house to get to the driveway of our neighbor on the right- where the bus stops. My son and I leave the outer door open and head upstairs to watch for her out our living room window. We're sitting there waiting for Sarah to appear when we hear pounding on the glass door. I jump down, sure Sarah'd forgotten to back her library book. I open the door, and in the most excited of voices, she announces, "There's wet bird poop on the driveway!" She is just delighted by this news. I say, OK???, and off she runs through the yard to her bus stop. (My kids have an obsession with poop!) I made the mistake of telling my daughter she would be the official poop-checker when her brother was born (see Ice Age movie for more about poop-checkers.) She has taken on the role with gusto.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What makes YOU laugh?

I didn't think I'd write in this daily, but maybe I will.

In today's edition of The Derrick someone wrote to Dr. Donohue and asked "When one loses weight, is the fat loss removed through elimination processes, or what? Does it just drop off?" I'm curious by what was meant by "elimination process." I don't watch Oprah, but I heard she displayed the amount of weight she lost with a big cart of animal fat. I wonder if this person thought that was what it really looks like! Imagine if it DID work that way! I wouldn't just be warning my 2-year old not to step in dog poop but watch out for the fat globs, too. I would think it would be quite slippery, also.

Now, I don't have A LOT of room to scoff at apparent stupidity. I recently had to repair my mailbox-flag holder. The holes where the screws were had just rotted. So I grabbed our electric drill/screwdriver and attempted to replace the holder in a new spot on our wood mailbox stand. I could not get the drill to go in very far. It seemed to me I'd had the same problem when I'd put this flag up the first time. I attributed it to some very hard wood. So I tried another spot. Same trouble. Another. No go. I did get a mini hole started and decided maybe the drill bit had dulled so I tried the screw and I put all my weight into it. Just as my disgust was about to make me quit, I had to make the screwdriver go in reverse so I could remove the screw I'd forced in a half an inch. When lo and behold...I screwed the dang thing into the wood! Yes, I'd been trying to screw and drill in reverse. It took an additional 60 seconds to get that flag up and adjusted.

Besides stupidity, another thing that amuses me is when kids use unusual words. On Tuesdays I help out in my daughter's kindergarten class for about 45 minutes. It's at the end of the day so I bring her home with me when I leave. I also bring home the children of my friend who babysits my two-year old while I'm at the school. On the way to their home, the little girl- in my daughter's kindergarten class- was telling me about a poisonous frog they'd found in their woods. I asked how she knew it was poisonous. She said because it was black and green. Black and green, I said. She went on, it was green around the perimeter and black in the middle! Honestly, perimeter. That's pretty cool for a six-year old.

Monday, April 28, 2008

In the Beginning...

I was really looking for a website where I could post pictures of items I want to sell at an upcoming yard sale. In the process I discovered exactly what blogs were and how easy they were to set-up. (Hence the title of my blog.)
I guess this a good place to respond to an editorial written by a doctor in my local paper, The Derrick. It just infuriated me. He is against a national health care program. I understand the problems behind such an endeavor but he made a statement that those who use their health insurance more frequently should expect to pay more, just like car insurance!!!!! I would just love to hug all those people who have chronic illnesses through no fault of their own but need expensive medical care to make it through the day. Add the headache of being approved for expensive drugs and devices. AND that's WITH health insurance. What about those people who are not provided this luxury? I'm sure there are millions of Americans in this situation. My sister is an ER nurse and I understand there are lots of people who take advantage of our current health care system. That's what needs fixed; who are the shysters (my father's favorite term) and who are the legitimately in need?

Good Gravy, it's 11pm, time to say good night.