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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Feeling Self-Satisfied

It's funny how doing something successfully on a computer can make you feel so self-satisfied. I just spent the last 45 minutes determined to add a visitor counter to my blog. I had to visit a different website to "copy" the code for a counter and THEN had to figure out where to put it on my blog site. Honestly, determination always triumphs. I kept getting an error message but when I finally decided to READ the message I tried a few simple tweaks and low an behold I have a lovely counter at the bottom of my blog.

Now to some important stuff: I had my 3-year old son to the doctor on Tues because he hasn't eaten any solid food for 6 days now. He has an instant breakfast in the morning and two Pediasure drinks during the day and that is it. He told the doctor he had a stomachache and when they listened to his belly they did hear some grumbling indicating some intestinal disturbance. We (Tim & I) thought it was a dental problem because for three days, he'd try and chew his food and spit it out! And this is stuff he loves: cookies, StarBursts, and other goodies. I did make some pudding which he will pick at. He insists he is not hungry, but will ask for something (like gummies) put one in his mouth and spit it back out. He will open the door to the refrigerator and just look longingly for something acceptable to put in his mouth. (The doctor did not see anything unusual in his mouth indicating a cavity or other tooth problem.) I think Jake has a strange-looking white tongue. I Googled white tongue. It is a sign of thrush- which I guess is always possible. The doctor felt he may be recovering from hand-foot-and mouth disease. There are so many possible symptoms for H-F-M disease everyone must be suffering from it! BUT Jake doesn't seem to be slowed by his lack of nourishment. I just don't know how long he can survive on liquids! It's a conundrum.

I attended my 25th class reunion this past weekend. It will definitely be a blog, but not until I've had enough time to let it make several laps around my cerebrum. I DID have a very enjoyable time.