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Saturday, December 6, 2008

things that bug me

There have been so many things I would like to blog about but haven't been able to force myself to sit down and do it. So I'm resorting to a list. This is sometimes harder than actually writing in essay form. My friend and I tried to keep in touch by emailing news in headline form. Here are some samples from my 1/22/07 email. (Yes, I keep my sent emails!)


Plus, once I sit down I've forgotten all those things that irk me. But along those lines I must say that I'm learning from the things that bother me. For example I sent an email survey out to a group of people (no one on my regular email contact list!) and it was ONE question and very easy to answer. Out of 14 replies I had 2 that were snippy. I was a little miffed about it but decided that was something I might have done during a hard day at work. So now I have to forgiiiivvveee those people and make sure I never do that to someone else. I guess it's kind of my "pay it forward." My husband gets very angry when people pull out in front of him. He makes all sorts of ridiculous threats. I know I've pulled out when I shouldn't have and it wasn't a personal attack on the other driver! What I'm trying to say is I understand we ALL do things that are irritating. I'm just making a list for therapeutic purposes.

1. People who complain that groups/individuals who make unorthodox statements should be silenced for being Un-American!!! (I could go on and on about Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly!)

2. And mentioning Rush Limbaugh. He was one of Barbara Walters most fascinating persons of 2008. I didn't watch the whole show but did catch this snippet: Limbaugh's salary as a radio personality is in the millions! I think she even mentioned $100 million!!!!!!! Howard Stern is another personality that puzzles me! I tried to watch his show a few times when it was on E!, but I found it to be unwatchable! This is another example of things that irk me. How on earth would these men ever warrant that amount of pay! I feel the same way about sports figures, entertainers, and public figures! If there is that much money to pay the few then it needs to be divvied out more equitably!

3. It bugs me when my computer screen shows one thing but when I print or publish it LOOKS DIFFERENT! It's happening NOW!

4. I can't stand it when there are misspellings in our newspaper. You can find them daily in our local paper. In an obit the other day the word was supposed to be "spirit" the newspaper printed "spitit." Honestly. (Our paper goofs the headlines even! Sometimes the same article appears twice in the same paper.) Along those same lines I can't stand it when things come home from school and there are obvious misspellings in these notes for parents!

5. Mentioning our local paper, I cannot stand the fact that all important world events are relegated to a short blurby paragraph! The Mumbai attack was a total of 7 sentences while the big story was something about our health that you would read in Woman's Day!

6. Why did it take so long for someone in the news media (because I was watching the story as it was happening on CNN) to mention that Mumbai used to be Bombay! I finally read it in our Erie Sunday Times paper. I wondered why I'd never heard of this city of 19 MILLION people!

7. Restaurants who occasionally slip out substandard food. I ate at Wendy's on Fri. and ordered a Southwest Taco Salad. They did not have the special dressing that went with it so I just used Ranch. Good gravy I was half done and my salad was more like soup! I don't know if they'd run the dish through a spray for good measure or what. It was really disgusting. The weirdest thing was the time I ran down to Arby's to pick up dinner and I went in and they told me they were out of ROAST BEEF! I said, "Are you serious? You're ARBY'S!" I turned and left.

8. Someone is attempting to prevent fast food restaurants from airing advertisements to prevent obesity. Maybe it's me but I don't eat because of what I see on TV. I eat because of what I see in my kitchen. And I don't keep a lot of McStuff in there. This irks me the way that anyone who refuses to take responsibility for their own welfare and actions irritates me.

9. I saw a preview for a new show called Momma's Boys (?). It's three handsome men AND THEIR MOTHERS shopping for a mate. What kind of terrible self-esteem must you have to allow yourself to be exploited in such an embarrassing manner?!?!? I mean that for all involved! Are there that many desperate young women out there who are so shallow being on TV is their only goal? Yikes. Unfortunately there must be an audience for these shows. They keep coming out with them.

10. Speaking of embarrassing, Hugh Hefner. (You can tell I watch E!) The man is an octogenarian and seems to think he's hip. And the women make me so mad! Why would you strive to be a playmate? What, exactly, does it get you? Maybe a date/husband. But you must always wonder will they be around when the goods start to spoil? Those "Girls Next Door" are the MOST annoying. The one that mentioned parents with their little girls mobbing them to get autographs because she's a role model!!!!! And I think she was the one that practiced popping out of a cake in the buff IN FRONT OF HER PARENTS!!! It's all sad.

Well, I've spent a lot more time on my catharsis than I intended to. That's the reason I don't sit down to write too often. Although it's not like I'm going to do anything else at this time of night. Tim and I were up last night shopping online at 2:35am. He purchased my Christmas present: A GPS system with a BACKUP CAMERA! (See first "headline" in email at beginning of blog.)