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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good Eats

(Try and find two eggplants in the photo.)

I read somewhere that as we age our taste buds become less sensitive. As a kid I would've stuck a salamander up my nose before eating brussels sprouts. Yet, I had brussels sprouts at a China Buffet recently and loved them. I think about that as my children make the 'I'm going to vomit face' when presented with a vegetable. (I remember making that face as a kid.) And hope at least one of them develops my passion for veggies. I say "one of them" because my husband's taste buds must still be sensitive because he won't eat most of the veggies I've come to relish.

And speaking of relish, a friend introduced me to Refrigerator Pickles. They are fantastic! And very simple to make. Cucumbers, vinegar, sugar (Splenda), and spices combined to make an eat- alone delight.

I've also discovered the Joy of Banana Peppers. I had an abundant yield from my garden this year and put them on anything and everything...subs, pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, turkey wrap sandwiches, eggs, hot dogs, salads (of course). Banana peppers on pizza is just divine.

And in the divine category-I had a small crop of eggplant this year. I made eggplant parmesan and thought it was the best meal I ever made. I was already to make this a staple on our monthly menu when I looked up the nutritional value of eggplant: ZILCH. I have a book, Reader's Digest Foods that Harm/ Foods that Heal An A-Z Guide to Safe and Healthy Eating, and it says eggplant has no mentionable nutritional value! What a rip!!! And cucumbers are 95% water! But my book says they (cucumbers) are a good source of fiber. And banana peppers are the best of all three, "Ounce for ounce, peppers are a better source of vitamin C than citrus fruits."

And speaking of citrus fruits, pineapple has become our fruit of choice! This is the first year I've ever purchased a whole pineapple. I think it's odd, now, that in 43 years I've never purchased a fresh one. I always thought they were too hard to cut. They're not. And once I start eating those juicy chunks I can't stop! And it's the one food we ALL consume.

I want to mention my title for this blog: It's the name of a show on the Food Network hosted by Alton Brown. I REALLY like this show. It gives great cooking info and background on foods. Of course I can't remember the details when I finally purchase a food that was highlighted on the show. I've never tried to find episodes online. When I have more time I may do that. But it is a good show.
These little guys were at the China Buffet I mentioned in the first paragraph. My friend had a ziploc bag so they came home to greet Sarah and Jacob. I had tried eating them at an earlier visit and found them just repulsive. I wasn't even sure exactly WHAT to eat. I really wanted to sneak them to a friend's pond, but they smelled so bad after a day I just couldn't do that to them.

Finally, I recently finished Ken Follet's Pillars of the Earth. It takes place in the 11th-12th century in England. Talk about Terrible Eats. They would boil water and add turnips and some herbs and spices and that was a meal. Yikes. I can't imagine any children being picky eaters. You ate what was served or starved!