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Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Political Rant

Sometimes I wake up at night to worry about things I have absolutely no control over. And I have no control over the worrying part, either. In the past few weeks the 700 billion dollar bailout has kept me concerned about my dad's retirement accounts and Tim and my own 401Ks. I'm afraid to open the statement from Fidelity. I felt better when the bailout bill passed. Surely, if our legislative branch felt this was the way to save us from a repeat of the Great Depression then we should do it. Since then I see our bank, National City, is floundering and may be bought. AND I read today they're not sure the bailout will save Wall Street! Anyway, I think my fear of a Great Depression has me thinking of the parallels in our society today compared to that period of our history.

In The Derrick today was an article about Sarah Palin's inflammatory speeches. She has repeatedly made a link between Obama pal-ing around with a domestic terrorist (from the 60s). People at these rallies are being stoked into a rage about Obama. Here are some things that have been shouted by the crowds, "traitor"; "terrorist"; "treason"; "liar"; "off with his head". I think the last one made me wake up and see the potential danger we are in as a country. In a quaint European country called, Germany, another inflammatory speaker aroused the ire of his countryman by blaming his country's ills on a group of people about 70 years ago. Germany was still trying to recover from an unsuccessful war and their economy was terribly weak. This charismatic speaker was able to convince MILLIONS of people that Germany could once again be a great and powerful nation. He, of course, became the dictator responsible for millions of lives lost from many countries throughout the course of World War 2.

I do not think Sarah Palin is another Adolf Hitler. I don't think she is that smart. BUT the people who are running the show for the Republicans are putting her face on their ideology. I'm going to quantify a moment: I REALLY like John McCain. I think he is a man of honor and experience and had planned to vote for him. I'm registered as a non-partisan voter. But the more I read about Palin's background, lack-thereof and her interviews and speeches I can only surmise she is simply a pretty face/empty slate who can be controlled by those in her political party who have agendas they want to achieve. (If McCain should pass on.) I've read some on-the street interviews and there are women who think Palin is just like them: female; working mom; idiot husband. (I'm not referring to any husbands I know.) Honestly, she is not the one to break the gender barrier to the White House!!! When asked by Katie Couric to name magazines/periodicals she reads to keep up with world affairs Palin could not name one! Instead she said, "everything"!!!!! Whatever they put in front of her. She may read it but it's not sticking to the gray matter. It's like bringing one of "The Girls Next Door" to a high school assembly to talk about career opportunities!!!!! Please don't let Sarah Palin destroy what so many wonderful, intelligent, determined women have done so women have more rights and opportunities. I swear Palin was selected by the Entertainment industry moguls as 4 years of fodder for comedy sketch shows and comedians!

I'm still not done: One of Palin's speeches said Obama sees America as imperfect/ differently from the way you and I see it. I would love to know the yokels she is referring to when she says "you". OF COURSE AMERICA IS IMPERFECT! WE JUST SPENT $700 BILLION TRYING TO SAVE OUR ECONOMY. WE HAVE BEEN IN AN UNWINNABLE WAR FOR YEARS WITH NO END IN SIGHT. HALF THE COUNTRY HAS NO HEALTH INSURANCE. UNEMPLOYMENT CONTINUES TO RISE. I want to know WHO thinks this country is perfect! I love America but it definitely needs some repairs.

It's been said that Palin was brought in to pull in the evangelical vote. I'm not sure who or what the "evangelical vote" is, but if they are the people attending her rallies, I hope they get so fired up they forget to register. I'm going to get really radical here: If evangelicals are the ones who see America as perfect with no wrongs to correct then they are the "Islamics" of our country. The Islamic terrorists see no evil in bombing and killing innocent people. They do heinous things to their enemies and their own people. They believe in the infallibility of their leader/s and an extreme version of their religion. I'm afraid there is a core group of people in our country who are so fixated on the view America is right in whatever America does. Here's the kicker; to them America is only a country of people like them. To them minorities are the illegal immigrants of past generations. All our country's ills are blamed on them. I really think a large block of Americans can't see the WHOLE picture and want a government that caters only to them. Again, I'm seeing a parallel to that European country mentioned earlier!
People who shout"off with his head" and are not renounced immediately display a level of hate that, until now, has been kept status quo. I plan to vote for Obama. There is no other option for me. I don't think he is ready and I think there are Americans who are not ready for a black president. I fear for his life and that of his family if he is elected. It takes some brave people to make the presidency their life's quest. I wish instead of shouting racial epitaphs or incendiary remarks people would shout out some ideas for making our government a better system. That would be helpful. The former is just plain scary.

Now for another metaphor: I took the photo of Hunley and Jackson this morning. And as I was contemplating my "parallels" that picture made me think of my life and a lot of middle-class folk like us. We are the hamster in the cage. We have everything we need. Every so often we get out and take a walk to see new things. The way other people live. Sometimes we have events that stress us out. Or toxic bedding that makes us sick. But we recover and plow on doing what needs to be done to maintain our lovely way of life. But wait, there is evil waiting to swallow us whole. It's there, watching. Patiently waiting. Who is the cat? The government? The evangelicals? The suffering lower class? I feel like I should do something to protect myself but what could I do? Pet the cat and make sure he is fed so he doesn't try to eat me. What if I run out of food? HMMM what's that a metaphor for?

Am I using "metaphor" correctly? I just looked it up at dictionary.com and am still not positive.