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Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Laughs Thanks to my XY Offspring

My daughter leads a relatively un-amusing life, apparently. Or maybe now that our (my son and I) uninterrupted time together is dwindling- Kindergarten this fall-I'm finding humor in things I wouldn't normally. No, it's him. While sitting on the floor I tied his shoe the other morning before preschool and when done I told him to go get his backpack. He turned and smacked right into the open closet door! It's like living with  Curly Joe, Jr.
Tonight, I genuflected at church and Jacob tripped right over my extended leg and went sprawling. Believe it or not, I did NOT laugh because this happens way too frequently and I wish he would be more attentive to where his feet are taking him.
Tonight's humor stems from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. My kids love Indy but hide their faces behind pillows whenever the inevitable skeleton pops out. In this movie the (third brother) Knight warns Indy and the others who make it into the room of the Holy Grail/s that the true grail is not to be taken past the seal. This is where the confusion began. After the movie we were all heading to the bathroom to brush teeth and Jacob kept asking where the "whale" was. I asked, "What whale?" He said the one Indy was supposed to see. I asked if he meant "wheel." No whale. I said there wasn't a whale IN the movie. They were in the desert. He said the whale in the cave, getting a bit more impatient. It was my daughter who finally made the connection. She asked, "Do you mean 'seal'?" 
"Oh...yeah," Jacob replied.
Whale, seal, I guess they ARE both mammals and easy to confuse...of course, Jacob's seal was an insignia...

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